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RIBA CPD Showcase
frequently asked questions

Useful answers to recurring questions

What is the RIBA CPD Showcase? Where can I see it?

RIBA CPD Showcase is a monthly email bulletin linked to a dedicated Showcase section on ribacpd.com, the official website of the RIBA CPD Providers Network. To see the latest issue, click on the CPD Showcase menu heading at the top of the ribacpd.com Home page.

The email bulletins are sent to RIBA chartered architects and construction industry specifiers, promoting best practice and the advantages of using RIBA-assessed and approved CPD materials. Both the emails and the website are an invaluable information resource. All recipients must opt in.

Who is Working Titles? Why is this invitation not from the RIBA or NBS direct?

Working Titles compiles and edits RIBA CPD Showcase on behalf of NBS. It has worked with the RIBA for more than a decade, during which time it has compiled and edited every issue of RIBA CPD Showcase published.

Can I receive a copy of the published bulletin, featuring my Showcase entry?

Yes. The person listed (by you) as your organisation’s primary CPD contact will automatically receive a copy of the bulletin moments after it has been sent to architects. You will also be able to find your entry by clicking on the CPD Showcase menu heading at the top of the ribacpd.com Home page.

Does it cost anything to be featured in the RIBA CPD Showcase?

No. If you’re a member of the RIBA CPD Providers Network it’s included in the cost of your subscription.

What happens to any enquiries this generates?

All enquiries are automatically forwarded to your organisation by the RIBA, addressed to the person or mailbox you supplied as your principal CPD contact. It is then up to you to follow up.

Can I swap the CPD title you suggest for another CPD?

Yes, provided the replacement CPD you wish to include has been approved by the RIBA.

Can I see a proof?

No. Because the RIBA CPD Showcase is an information bulletin published by the RIBA CPD Providers Network as a service to RIBA chartered architects, we do not issue proofs.

I have more than one approved CPD. Can I include them all?

No. There are 500+ Providers and only a limited number of slots available per issue, so in the interests of fairness we limit everyone to one CPD per issue. That said, if you have recently had one CPD featured in Showcase and you then receive separate approval for any new or revised CPD materials, you may be invited to include those in a subsequent issue or issues. This is a recent development designed to encourage Providers to keep all their CPD materials up-to-date.

How are Providers/CPD materials selected for inclusion?

We follow two broad principles when making our selections:

  1. Have you recently had any new CPD materials approved, or revisions to existing CPD materials approved? If the answer is ‘yes’ to either question, then we will automatically shortlist those materials for inclusion.
  2. Has your organisation been featured in Showcase within the last twelve months? If the answer is ‘no’, we will automatically shortlist your organisation for inclusion.

It doesn’t suit us to promote this CPD right now. Can we go in a later issue?

Yes. There is no penalty for not responding to our invitation, although there is obviously also no guarantee that the timing of any subsequent invitation will coincide with your plans. If you would like to be included, but just not yet, then we recommend that you complete and return the email invitation with details of your CPD, together with a note asking us to hold it over until a specified issue. See also ‘When is this published?’

When is the RIBA CPD Showcase published?

Showcase is usually published on the second Tuesday of every month, although this may vary. See also ‘Can I receive a copy of the published bulletin featuring my Showcase entry?’

You have the wrong contact person. Can you change our contact details?

If you are responding to an email regarding RIBA CPD Showcase, then thank you for letting us know.

  1. Please forward our email to you to the correct person in your organisation, so that they may respond.
  2. Then forward the correct contact details to the NBS Manufacturers Customer Services Team at ManufacturersCustomerService@theNBS.com, who will make the change.
  3. Should you wish to speak to someone in person, please call the NBS Manufacturers Customer Services Team direct on 0345 200 1056.
  4. Alternatively, you can make this and other changes to your account details by logging into your NBS account.
  5. Please note that Working Titles (as the compiler of the RIBA CPD Showcase) cannot change your contact details, as we have neither the facility nor authority to do so.

What type of images should I use?

The most effective image(s) are those that demonstrate clearly a) the type of product you manufacture or service you provide, and b) what problem your product or service helps solve. Don’t feel restricted to showcasing glossy, finished projects only. ‘Before’ pictures can be just as inspiring.

Pack shots, logos or images featuring overt branding are not acceptable, not least because – by signalling that you are potentially more interested in selling than sharing expertise – they will likely deter specifiers from choosing your materials.

Where will my images be used?

While there is no guarantee that your images will be used, by not supplying images you are automatically ruling yourself out! Images are selected (by the Editor, and at his sole discretion) based on their editorial value. The 600 pixels wide by 338 pixels high image may be used in the email bulletin promoting CPD Showcase each month AND/OR on the CPD Showcase main page on ribacpd.com.

The 960 pixels wide by 180 pixels high ‘letterbox’-shaped image is also optional. It may be used at the top of the ribacpd.com Home page, linked to the page featuring your CPD.

I don’t have the correct image size or the facility to crop images to the size requested.

No problem. If they are oversize, we can crop them. We cannot do much with images that are either too small or poor resolution, however.

I didn’t see this until after the deadline had passed. Am I too late?

You may be too late to go in the next issue, but you’re not too late to be included in Showcase. We save late entries and try to include them in the next available issue. Simply complete and return the form regardless (don’t forget to include images), and we’ll do the rest.

Does it work?

Yes. Tracked email responses and website traffic following publication of each issue of the RIBA CPD Showcase show an immediate and very positive reaction.

Is it advertising?

No. Both the email bulletin and web pages are presented as editorial. Their function is to promote best practice and RIBA-approved CPD materials, and to encourage uptake among architects and other specifiers.