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What we do

We create content: that means we write, edit and proofread copy, source and commission photography and illustrations, design for on-page and online, collaborate with developers, and manage print, distribution and mailing.

Put differently: if your organisation has something to say, we’ll help you to say it, make sure the right people see it, and get the desired reaction to it.

Why choose us?

Experience and versatility

In the last two decades we’ve launched magazines, produced directories, created websites and written content for articles, brochures, presentations, speeches, press releases, email campaigns, case studies, smartphone apps and advertising campaigns. So, very little fazes us!

Clients stay with us

While happy to undertake one-off projects, we also pride ourselves in the long-term relationships we’ve built up over years. Our continuous working relationship with RIBA Enterprises, the commercial arm of the Royal Institute of British Architects, for example, stretches back more than a decade.

Best team for the job

Our extensive network of writers, developers and designers allows us to service practically any market sector by (if necessary) recruiting the best freelance specialists for the job.

Attention to detail

We like to think our creativity is a match for anyone's, but we know that consistency and quality control are also vital to maintaining high standards. We therefore use workflow protocols, such as style and XHTML guides, design grids and file share tracking, to ensure that our output remains consistently first-rate.

Intelligent approach

With us you’re not just buying a copywriting, illustration or design service: you’re buying the solution to a problem – how to get your reader to react the way you want them to. We never lose sight of that.

Complex subject matter

We regularly work with high-tech companies and on intricate subject matter. The key to our success lies in our ability to explain how often complex products and services solve simple problems.

We are pleased to have worked with Working Titles for more than a decade now, with Andy Sivell as our principal contact.
I have no hesitation in recommending him to others.

Andy Sivell has perfectly captured our voice. He brings creativity, wit and an extensive marketing knowledge to every project, and balances perfectly the ability to add his own pro-active input and ideas to our exacting brief.

Our website relaunch became a lot easier after Andy Sivell stepped in. He asked lots of questions (and answered dozens of our own) before presenting a very clear and straightforward plan. The copy he subsequently produced was perfect. It was a real pleasure working with him.

About us

It was a simple idea: write stuff that people want to read, design it to be inviting, make sure it’s delivered efficiently and use feedback to improve response. Then restart the loop.
The real surprise, when I came up with that concept 20 years ago, was how few customer publishing agencies were actually doing it. And I should know. By then I’d already published magazines for the Post Office, HSBC and Singapore Airlines.

So I set up my own agency and called it Working Titles, because I wanted everything we published to work. Our first client was the Jordan Grand Prix F1 team (now Racing Point).

Since then we’ve launched magazines, produced directories, created websites and written content for countless newsletters, magazine articles, case studies, email campaigns, presentations, smartphone apps and advertising campaigns. And all on behalf of some of the best-known brands in the country.

Nowadays, we tend to do more online than in print, and customer publishing has morphed into content marketing, but we’ve never abandoned that original idea – to produce words and pictures that work.

If that sounds like the kind of no-nonsense approach to customer communications you favour, please give me a call on 01223 656700.

Andy Sivell, Founder

Andy sivell


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